Thursday, January 31, 2013

Week 1

Hey there,

Life is getting a lot busier here, the daily routine is starting to sink in. Although I still can't sleep very well due to jet lag, I don't feel tired. My classes seem like they are going to be great, lots of writing unfortunately. I have two English classes, one on literature and one on creative writing. I have a french class (très difficle) and a class in French called French Civilization, which is very fun and interesting. There is a lot I don't know about French food, politics and history. Plus, my teacher is extremely enthusiastic in the manor of his speech and hand gestures. Stereotypical Frenchman, I love it.

Yesterday, I had an appointment with a local doctor for my stupid reoccurring ear infection thing (it's very hard to speak French if you cannot hear yourself talk). The appointment was very engaging and informative, and kinda fun. I went to the office and said my name and that I was here to see Dr. Guyard. I was asked to sit and 30 seconds later the doctor came out (himself), greeted me, and led me to his office. He asked if I would like to speak French or English and I told him both. He was very excited and said that he loves an opportunity to practice English. The appointment took no longer than 20 minutes and would have been a lot shorter if I hadn't asked so many questions about medical school and hospitals in France. I learned the French words for eardrum, nasal cavity and cough. Also, Dr. Guyard said that once you obtain your medical degree in any country in Europe, you can practice in all of Europe. The appointment itself cost 23 euro but as a French citizen you are given back much of that amount. I have been inspired to look into shadowing a doctor in a local hospital, luckily located on the same road as my home stay.

Well I hope everyone is having a great day, I should probably dive into my Study abroad homework is really its own special type of hell.


P.S. here are some more pictures of life in Aix

A court yard in Aix near my school (IAU)

The long plaza where many restaurants put up there serving areas while the restaurants surround the square

Pastries at the Paul boulangerie (bakery)

A very old part of town dating back to the 1300's I think

Fountain of Provence next to one of my classes

One of the theaters in Aix

My little terrace at my home stay

The flower market in Aix


  1. I'm soaking up every word Audrey...nicely done. Just one suggestion though, can you label your photographs s'il vous plait?

  2. Oh it all sounds fantastic.....except the not feeling well and homework!!!

  3. Hmm I'll take les fleurs and les macarons! Hope your ear is back in good shape and your weekend trip was fantastic!