Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Adventure Begins


I hope you are all enjoying 8am right now! It's 2:30 here now and I arrived in Marseille around noon (France time). After exchanging flights twice, having lots of delays, and experiencing some sassy flight attendants, I'm in Aix with my host family. Oh and of course, my luggage did not arrive in Marseille with me so hopefully I'll have it soon! I'm not stressed though, just glad to be done with flying for a while. So far, my host family is great, just Arlette and I, although her granddaughter (Elise age 10ish) and some friends came over today. We bonded over a mutual love of Beyonce and their new favorite game is try to guess the word Audrey is acting out and trying to say. My vocabulary has been very limited but I understand quite a bit of what Arlette tells me and it's only day 1 so I'm doing okay (kinda).

After I unpack a little more, we are going to take a stroll around Aix! I'm going to bring my camera so that I have something to show everyone on here! And Mom, THEY HAVE PALM TREES. The dirt kinda looks like Arizona actually and it's a lovely 50 degrees F here, which they think is chilly but I'm in heaven.

More to come very soon


  1. haha I love the fact that you're bonding over Beyonce! And it's funny for me to imagine you playing the vocabulary game :) You so funnayy

    1. oh p.s. those pictures are beautiful! and p.p.s. I'm glad you're there and safe (very out of order commenting, sorry, haha.) p.p.p.s. I just learned that "toot-a-loo" was French, good day here. Wishing the same to you!! Que tengas un dia divertido! xoxo