Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Barcelona Part Dos

Hola again,

My second weekend in Barcelona was jam packed with adventure. I can't decide what I liked best or what was the most interesting. High on my list would be the Sagrada Familia Cathedral and the Barça soccer game. Just walking around in 60 degree sun was the best gift of all.

During my trip I learn a bit about the politics of Catalunya, the province where Barcelona is located. This area of Spain wishes to be its own country, they have their own language called Catalan (which is kind of a mix between Spanish, French and Italian). At the soccer game no Spain national anthem was played and all of the commentary was done in Catalan. There were political chants of independence sporadically through out the game as well. And apparently, the Barça team has its own soccer camp that trains players from the age of 13. They are practically bred to play soccer.

Here are some pictures of my trip (more are on facebook). The fountain show in front of the museum of art (below)

 My new favorite dream car. Ford Cobra
 Just chillin with a Ferrari

Stained glass windows of Sagrada Familia (above)

 Sadgrada Familia (above)

 The Olympic Stadium and the Barça Stadium

Adios amigos

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  1. Looks like you are continuing to have a fabulous time!!! Barcelona is on my wish list...and seeing your pics keeps it there!!